Applets for "Random Signals and Noise"

  1. Module 1: The relative frequency approach to probability
  2. Module 2: Random variables from known distributions
  3. Module 3: Random variables from user-defined distributions
  4. Module 4: The Central Limit Theorem
  5. Module 5: Consistency of the sample mean estimator
  6. Module 6: Select the poles and zeros of a linear system
  7. Module 7: Auto-correlation function estimation
  8. Module 8: Correlogram approach to power spectrum estimation
  9. Module 9: Properties of the periodogram
  10. Module 10: Averaged periodogram approach to power spectrum estimation
  11. Module 11: Time delay estimation
These applets are copyrighted by Hong-Jing Lo and G. Tong Zhou.

Acknowledgment: Support for this work is provided in part by NSF grant MIP-9703312.

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