To Prospective Graduate Students

I do not have any funded postdoc positions.

I am looking for a highly qualified US citizen student to fill a GRA position in statistical signal processing for telecommunication applications. The student should be committed to pursuing the ECE PhD degree at Georgia Tech.

For my research group, international applicants should already have the MS degree in electrical engineering before starting graduate studies under my supervision.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA) positions are granted by the department. Since Georgia Tech is a state school, US citizens and permanent residents are preferred over international students for GTA assignments. Please contact the academic office for details.

A Word of Caution: Our ECE faculty receive emails from prospective students on a daily basis. Many students make the mistake of blasting faculty members who have orthogonal interests with nearly identical emails. This undermines your sincerity and shows that you do not have focused interests or research experience. Please be selective when broadcasting your resumes. Many faculty members have begun to treat them as junk emails.

File Formats: When submitting your inquiry or application, please include your resume, personal statement etc, in the body of the email or as attachements in .txt or .pdf formats only. This is to ward off potential computer viruses.